Our Technique


Your best body is one that is fluid yet supported and stable in all ranges of motion. The Regan Movement technique focuses on strength, alignment, balance, and harmony in the body. With this movement approach to wellness, you will discover your body feeling longer, stronger, and more agile.

Modern day living has our bodies stuck in hunched and compressed positions, meaning our bodies are more stressed than ever both on the inside and outside. Our constant connection to the world around us through technology weakens our connection to our inner selves. By tuning out distractions and focusing within to truly connect with each part of your body, you will learn how to move from the inside out and build a deeper mind body connection. You will learn to decompress and find your inner strength so that you are not working against yourself, but rather with a natural ease of movement.

Let me move you so you can release, reset, and revive your body and mind while also breaking the bad movement patterns that are the root causes of stress and discomfort.

Move well, feel well, live well,