Our Mission

Teaching effortless strength, agility, and grace through mindful movement.

Regan Movement teaches you how to break the bad habits in your routine which are creating issues like poor posture and overcompensating weak muscle groups that can lead to injury. 



Regan Movement gives you the tools to correct physical issues and muscle weaknesses stemming from the pressures of modern life and helps you prevent further pain and injury.


Michelle Hellman


Regan is my health guru! I have been training with her for the past 4.5 years. She has rehabilitated my body from two births, she’s given me strength and power. I adore her! She’s become part of my family.

Valerie Wolloch


There is no one better who can understand how you move and feel and make you feel and be the best you can be! Regan is tremendously talented. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Alicia Rojas


Regan is an extraordinary movement teacher and healer. She is a body whisperer. Put yourself in her hands and your body will begin to look and feel amazing. She targets how you move through life and by changing that, she changes so much.