Meet Our Instructors


Regan discovered her passion for movement at a young age and was determined to become a ballet dancer at the age of two. Regan was a classically trained dancer who also played various sports until high school, including tennis and golf. Regan began pilates and yoga when she was in fourth grade, and started teaching dance soon after. In highschool, Regan started gyrotonic to help her be strong and flexible to enhance her dance career as well as prevent her from injury. Regan graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Dance Performance and a minor in Psychology. Soon after, Regan became a professional dancer. As a side job, Regan was teaching pilates and through that discovered a need for a different approach for helping people feel better and move better in their bodies. Regan began studying biomechanics and getting certified in yoga and gyrotonic technique as well as studying kinesiology. Regan used her knowledge to understand how to address movement in the modern day body to undo all the tension and poor movement patterns that create bad posture, tension, and injuries in their bodies. Through both her years of training and her constant search for understanding the body, Regan came up with a movement form and technique to find freedom of movement in people’s own bodies. Regan’s goal is to make people feel safe, connected, strong, and supple in their bodies. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. 


Paolo Boletti is an international instructor with extensive experience in body movements systems and functional biomechanics. He has been involved in teaching the Pilates system and Gyrotonic for twenty years. During that time, he has authored four books about Pilates. Paolo holds an Italian degree in Clinical Psychology and has traveled extensively throughout Asia studying yoga, Qi Gong, and other traditional practices. He is a strong believer in the power of Pilates, saying that “Life is movement and we are teachers of movement systems of excellence.”



Twenty years into her dance career, Khristina was introduced to GYROTONIC® where she trained with Master Trainer Debra Rose. Upon relocating to New York City, Khristina completed the GYROTONIC® foundation training with master trainers Billy Macagnone and Miriam Barbosa. She is also certified on the leg extension unit, jumping stretch board, archways, and GYROTONER®.


Vanessa, a movement enthusiast born in Los Angeles and nurtured in the diverse landscapes of Fresno, California, and the dynamic streets of New York, is a dedicated Pilates practitioner and instructor. Armed with an Associates in Applied Sciences from Queensborough Community College and Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus certifications from CorePilates and Ellie Herman Pilates, Vanessa’s journey into Pilates was sparked by a desire to enhance her dance abilities. Pilates became her niche, transforming not only her dance but her entire approach to life. For Vanessa, the practice is a love affair with motion and movement, pushing her beyond comfort zones and revealing unanticipated strength and resilience. As a passionate instructor, Vanessa focuses on guiding individuals towards wholeness, fostering comfort and peace within their own bodies. She takes joy in witnessing clients unearth new insights into their movement capabilities, emphasizing the importance of treating our bodies with care and respect. Vanessa’s teaching journey is driven by a mission to help others discover the transformative potential of functional movement, alleviating pain, preventing injury, and assisting in rehabilitation post-injury. She teaches with the intention of empowering clients to feel stronger, taller, focused, and ultimately fulfilled in their own bodies.